Artisan Organic Bread

breadvarietyThe components of bread are simple: flour, water, salt. Crumb Brothers uses the highest quality organic flours that come from our locally operated flour mill, Central Milling of Logan, Utah, which has been in continuous operation in Cache Valley for more than a century. Its parent company, Gustos in San Francisco, has national renown for its high quality products, including sea salt that we use for our breads.

We make a commitment to using primarily locally grown fruit, produce, and eggs to bring the highest quality bread and pastries to our customers.

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Ciabatta Bread

This Italian bread is more batter-like and is cut to shape and allowed to spread into its traditional "slipper" shape. Its light and open structure makes it a perfect dipping bread with olive oil and balsamic vinegar. It often is served with soups and salads.

Ciabatta Buns

The same as our Ciabatta bread, but in a sandwich bun size.

Country Sourdough


The "country" in this bread means it is made with 100% natural yeast starter. Along with organic white flour, this dough also has some bran and wheat flours. This is a very hearty dinner bread or sandwich bread.

Decker Five Seed

Using a sourdough levain (a natural starter that has both wheat and rye flours), the dough for this bread incorporates sunflower seeds, flax seeds, poppy seeds, sesame and pumpkin seeds. Before the bread is baked it is rolled in the same seed mixture to give a roasted seed crust after baking. This bread is popular for sandwiches and toast.

European Rye

Popular in Germany, the flavor of rye with a touch of honey makes this sourdough style bread a perfect accompaniment to salads, smoked fish and cheese.

Jewish Rye

This rye pan bread is a traditional feature of the best of Jewish delis. Caraway seeds and molasses add distinctive flavor to this old world favorite. Slice thickly as a base for Rueben, pastrami, or roast beef sandwiches.

Kalamata Olive Torpedo

A sourdough base, studded with Kalamata olives, has a unique torpedo shape that is fun to serve at parties. Pefect for dipping in olive oil.

Millet Bread

Crumb Brothers Millet Bread features millet, an ancient grain that imparts a great crunchy texture to this loaf. Millet Bread is a customer favorite: Great for sandwiches or toasted with jam.

Monkey Bread

Crumb Brothers Monkey Bread is a delicious sweet cinnamon bread. The distinctive irregularly shaped crown of this loaf is formed by dipping pieces of sweet yeasted dough in cinnamon sugar, then baking and drizzling with icing. Monkey Bread is great for breakfast or brunch, or served as a special afternoon treat.

Oatmeal Date

Generous amounts of oats and dates are added to an organic flour dough to create a moist, slightly sweet bread with a soft crumb (interior). Oatmeal Date bread is excellent on its own, with cheese, or as an outstanding piece of toast.

Pan de Mie

Pan de Mie is a traditional white bread enriched with milk and butter. It is a great breakfast toast with butter and jam as well as an excellent sandwich bread. This loaf is an excellent keeper.

Pan de Mie Buns

Our soft Pan de Mie, shaped into hamburger buns, is perfect for burgers and sandwiches.

Polenta Jack

A hearty, American-style bread that has lots of Monterrey jack cheese rolled into the polenta-rich dough. The bread is rolled in polenta before baking to give it a crackling crust to go with its soft, cheesy interior.


Crumb Brothers Pumpernickel is a rich, hearty bread with a touch of molasses and the slight crunch of cracked rye. Try it with butter and cheese for a simple, yet satisfying sandwich.

Sunflower Honey Oat

A great combination of organic wheat flour, oats, and sunflower seeds makes up our introductory slicing bread. The crumb is sweetened and softened with honey from a local producer, Slide Ridge Honey of Logan, Utah. We recommend this bread for sandwiches and toast.

Traditional Baguette

packagingThe baguette is the "bread of the moment" in that it is meant to be baked and consumed on the same day. Its long and narrow shape maximizes crust surface. Whether sliced and served under condiments as bruschetta or simply torn off in chucks at a picnic, this bread is a festive, communal delight.

Traditional Baguette Ficelle

A petite version of our Traditional Baguette, but the size of a hoagie bun. Perfect for sandwiches.

100% Whole Grain Raisin

Simple and undeniable delicious, 100% Whole Grain is based on whole wheat which is studded with flax, oats, and seeds. Rye meal and rye flour deepen the flavor, and local honey and raisins impart a touch of sweetness. Try it for patty melts or your favorite tuna spread: Unexpectedly good!

Walnut Torpedo

A sourdough base, full of walnuts, has a unique torpedo shape. Great with all cheeses, but perfect with bleu cheese.


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